1st Optical ecosystem to automate, scale and manage high-value interconnects

Establish high-performance, dedicated interconnects within minutes. ExaSwitch automates interconnect provisioning, and its dynamic optical switching routes traffic without third-party intervention giving you capacity on-demand.

With ExaSwitch:

ExaSwitch removes latency and provides real-time capacity deployment due to its distributed ecosystem design and automated interconnect provisioning. 

Without ExaSwitch:

Establishing, testing and launching legacy physical cross-connects can take weeks due to dependence on a physical, hardwired connection; point-to-point design and inherent human latency. 

Our features:

Optical interconnection ecosystem

100 and 400 Gbps circuits

Self-provisioning via API or portal

Online inventory management


Cost optimized on-demand capacity

System designed and build to scale by removing manual processes and reducing time-to-deploy with fast API and self-service provisioning.

Securely scale with high availability 

Remove capacity bottlenecks and inventory complexities to turn up or scale interconnectivity on-demand.  

Diverse intra-metro connectivity

Completely diverse physical hubs with fully redundant distributed optical interconnection.

*Starting with three of the largest US interconnection hubs

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